Grandeur - Reimagining college as a SaaS product.

Whac-A-Captcha - Whac-A-Mole x reCAPTCHA.

ChatGPT YouTube Player - Plays a video while ChatGPT generates a response.

it's so over / we're so back - Mike Bodge's HEEEY HOOO, but modernized.

Snail is Inevitable - A chrome extension that hunts your cursor FOREVER.


we tried making ai art in the park - We tried making AI portraits of passerbys with Midjourney and an Axidraw.

a day in the life of students who make 'a day in the life' videos - "Day in the life" videos are too productive and picturesque, so I made a realistic one.

The College Application Process in a Nutshell - I did NOT enjoy applying to college.


Cultivating the right itches - Thinking about what makes me feel alive.

There are no rules - You can just do things.

Reflections on a year of college - A compilation of college advice.

The Death of High School Passion - A verbose four part series where I tried to understand where it all went wrong.